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The Splendid Word - Communications consultancy


The Splendid Word (TSW) is a boutique media and communications consultancy dedicated to delivering top class written and spoken communication services for small businesses, corporates, startups, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs seeking to raise their profile, perfect their image and share their unique story with the world.

TSW founders Leonie Canham and Christy O’Brien are experienced freelance writers with journalism backgrounds who have combined their media skill set and shared love of language to serve the causes, communities and people they believe in.

Leonie and Christy are passionate supporters and champions of businesses dedicated to leaving a positive imprint on their communities and are loud and proud advocates of the doers, dreamers and believers who are using their skills, knowledge and qualifications as a force for good.

The Splendid Word boutique has a flair for turning clever thoughts into captivating copy and is engaged by businesses across the nation to transform their message into words that resonate with, and impact on, their clients.

Christy and Leonie write blogs, e-newletters, posts and website content for savvy online businesses looking to maximise their digital and social footprint; develop communication strategies, content marketing plans and content calendars to assist organisations to manage their mainstream and social media presence; host copywriting and storytelling workshops to help businesses create their own captivating content; create specialist publications for companies including corporate style guides, email etiquette e-books and promotional dvds; copywrite scripts for video, radio and television advertising; and write speeches and columns for publication on behalf of leading businesses and community figures.

If you need the support of a qualified and accomplished storyteller to help you connect authentically with your clients, you’ll feel right at home here.

We’re ready when you are.

x Lee & Christy.