Episode 63 -Dealing with Criticism

In Episode 63 – Dealing with Criticism – we unpack the challenges of freedom of speech as opposed to hate speech and how it has shown up in the wider community and locally in Barham following an International Women’s Day event that Katrina hosted recently.

Long story short, an overly critical letter was published in the local newspaper that totally shit-canned the event, along with Katrina and the guest speakers, which was a level of criticism that is unnecessary in a community where we are trying to support each other and not tear each other down. We chat about the ‘entitlement of freedom of speech’ for some and how it leaves people feeling, and Katrina shares her gratitude for the amazing support she has received – both personally and in the newspaper – on the back of this heavy dose of criticism.

The three of share how we combat criticism and deal with negative stuff, and how we try to speak out against hate speech, which is often masquerades as ‘freedom of speech’ and call bullshit on people who think it’s acceptable.

Leonie shares her thoughts around all of us just doing a little bit better in this space and some wisdom of one of our favourites Brene Brown who is so helpful when it comes to hard conversations and the universal yearning for safety, connection and to feel loved.

We also discuss the things we are loving, including:

Christy ~ loving autumn and planning an overseas trip for the first time in four years

Leonie ~ the overwhelming support and empathy from her three boys while laid up with a bad back and getting stuck into some quality TV watching

Katrina ~ the support of the local community and feeling open and more at ease with the anniversary of losing her dad who took his own life 26 years ago.

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Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie


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Samuel Johnson’s podcast The Imperfects 

Loving Kindness Mediation – on most meditation apps – Gabby Bernstein has a great one – find it here.