Episode 73 – The Art of Saying No

Episode 73 – The Art of Saying No

This fortnight we briefly recap our last episode, which discussed chasing your dreams and we share the importance of support and the perils of not having it. Are you good at asking for help in your daily life? And, do you feel like a burden if you’re receiving help from family or friends. We were reminded by the lovely saying, thanks to Katrina, that ‘you can only give as much as you are prepared to receive’ – food for thought!

We also discuss the art of saying saying no to things, which is another area of challenge for many. It’s a tricky situation for many when we feel obligated to do the things we need to do for family, children, community, etc , and one worth unpacking. The guilt can be multi-layered, and includes mother guilt, family guilt, work guilt, friend guilt – all the guilt! The biggest thing we learnt during this chat was that it is okay to say no sometimes, when you know it’s the best thing for you and your family. We cannot do it all and we should support each other, without the layers of guilt, who choose to tap out every now and then.

We also talked about being busy – too busy – and how best to combat this on a daily, weekly, month and term basis. We even shared, very reluctantly, how much we would love to in another lockdown right now (with full consideration to not joke about what was a very terrible time for many) just to stop for a week!

There was a general concensus that we should bring back Sunday as rest days and that sometimes we just need to rest… even if it’s watching TV or YouTube on the iPad. We did wonder if we are all just pushing too hard and running too fast? And please remember that resting is not lazy!

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