Episode 75 – Resilience in Troubling Times

In this powerful episode we discuss what resilience means to us, starting with a broad definition thanks to the incomparable Brene Brown and unpack how we harness it for ourselves, our families and the wider community.

We open our minds to what resilience is and Leonie opens her heart in the most extraordinary way to share her resilience and grief journey. We thank her for her honestly and for letting her guide down to help others who might be feeling trapped in their grief of emotion. Bravo Lee and thank you for spreading the good stuff – even when it’s hard!

This conversation unpacked what we see as the difference between survival resilience as opposed to thriving resilience and that even though we don’t always get a choice about what happens to us, or our community, but we can choose how we respond with the tools we have to cope – and be resilience. Community resilience sounds like a buzz word right now, but we agreed it’s what is needed to help us cope with a damaging and changing environment, overworked and overstressed individuals and communities. We unpacked how we practice resilience individually and also how we build the tools and skills, which helps build capacity.

Developing hope, practicing critical awareness, feeling the feels (refusing to numb negative emotions) and embracing spirituality (knowing you are part of something bigger in the world) are the pillars of Brene Brown talks about in her work and we discuss what this looks like for us. We are shared our personal goals for resilience which included positiveness and optimism, looking after ourselves and ‘doing the work’ and facing our changing relationship with resilience and other big emotions. We felt grateful for the tools we all have to be resilience, but agreed it’s a continual area for growth. As Katrina said, yes, life can be hard… but what can we do about it – and that’s resilience! Katrina had a fantastic conversation about ‘unpacking the work’ on The Rural Life Podcast with Meg Durham and you can find it here.

The biggest take home from this emotional conversation is that there is no shame in admitting that we might sometimes need help in building our resilience. We thank Leonie from the bottom of our hearts for dropping her armour and sharing her resilience journey – we can do hard things! And, finally we can all learn to be more resilience – it’s simply a muscle we can regular work out and if you do, you will notice the results.

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Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie


Things we mentioned in this chat:

Christy ~ Yoga with Christy: the gift that keeps on giving and a new All Men Yoga Class, which has been awesome. Follow Christy on Instagram for more info about her yoga here.  Christy also mentioned ABC’s Take Five latest series featuring the legendary Jimmy Barnes.

Leonie ~ a fabulous book has been on her bookshelf for many years called Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon

Katrina ~ The Beckham Documentary on Netflix – a lovely light way to round out this big conversation