Episode 76 – Prepping for the Silly Season

In this episode we discuss how to best prep for the Silly Season ahead, which is coming at us fast!

We each share how we approach this time of year, when things get hectic, and what we try do to remain calm and present – most of the time!

Katrina shares her conscious intention to reframe expectations as we draw towards the end of another year, and to ask herself how she wants to be, not what she wants to do! Letting go of the panic of ‘not having done enough’ and focusing on the ‘being’, not just the ‘doing’. We discuss focussing on what really is important at this time of year is super important, as well as thriving and not just surviving. Christy has set her intention on keeping up her daily routine of yoga, journaling, breathing and meditation, while Leonie is intent on not looking too far award. Being intentional and asking herself everyday ‘how do I want to feel today’.

We also shared the following tips:

Leonie ~ using Trello to get organised and embracing the things that we know work when things get hectic

Christy ~ giving yourself permission to let go of the things we don’t need (or have to do) at this time of year

Katrina – actually being a little more relaxed with routines and go easy on yourself.

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