Episode 74 – Catching up on Alone Time, Social Media Detox & Perimenopause

In this episode we are back after a delightful month off to chat about everything from alone time, social media detoxing and the perils of peri-menopause.

Christy chats about her ‘alone’ retreat, Leonie discusses the benefits and challenges of a longterm break from all social media and Katrina shares experiences of ‘change’, growth and unravelling through significant chapters in her life, including perimenopause. We discuss hormone support and how important to get a second opinion on what you are experiencing and to seek out a women’s health specialist, which is not always easy. We only briefly touch on this as it’s a subject we plan to dedicate a whole episode to in the coming months – can’t wait for this!

Catch our latest episode here and thanks again for joining us on Spreading the Good Stuff.

Christy, Katrina and Leonie


During this chat we mention:

What we are loving:

Christy – honouring endings and beginnings, including empty nests and her amazing sister-in-law who just carried a baby for her brother and sister-in-law – what a bloody amazing woman! Next level admiration for this beautiful surrogacy journey xo

Katrina – The Blues Zones book and series Netflix series and To Be Magnetic (Neural Manifestation) podcast and program by Lacy Phillips

Leonie – being off the socials, time expanding, headspace for reading, extra long walks and the weather. The Paper Palace book by Miranda Cowley Heller and Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Important note: in this chat we discuss perimenopause and what we share about our own personal experiences is in no way to be viewed as medical advise or criticism.