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We craft unique and compelling copy for pretty much any platform or purpose you can dream up.

Our key services are listed below.

Brand Story

This is our signature service. Wanna know why?

Because your brand story is your secret weapon for standing out in a crowded marketplace.

It’s what differentiates your business from your competitors, it’s how you connect authentically with your audience and it’s how you build trust in your offerings.

Your brand story acts as your north star. It informs and guides all the content that you share across your marketing platforms, including website, social media, email marketing, traditional media and more.

It captures the big picture stuff of your business – your aspirations, vision, mission, values and the story of how your brand came into being. It explains why you exist beyond the purpose of making money; and how you help people level-up in their lives.

Brand storytelling is the secret sauce for building human connections. It provides an intimate glimpse into the culture of your business and what you do to deliver and fulfil your promises. It offers a window to the soul of your brand and shows a side of it that your customers can relate to.

Your brand story is so much more than an ‘About Page’. Your brand story is all about showing not just your product or service, but your people, culture and values.

It ‘tells’ the story of a business that cares about its consumers and it captures the reason ‘why’ you created a product or service to minimise the pain points of your customers’ day-to-day living.

Without it, it’s very hard to make sure your content is genuine, strategic, consistent and on brand.

Brand Story Packages

Option 1 - Discovery & Development Package

Your Brand Story covers:

  • purpose, mission, values, beliefs, slogan
  • unique selling proposition
  • tone of voice
  • target audience
  • your people/heroes
  • key messages
  • sharing platforms
  • story themes/pillars

Package includes: 2 hour brainstorming session with The Splendid Word (in person or via zoom), brand story development by TSW; draft concept strategy, 1 x review and final strategy document (10-15 pages).

Cost: $2000 (+GST)

Option 2 - DIY Brand Story Workbook

Prefer to do it yourself? Then our DIY Brand Story Workbook is the perfect option.
This is your complete DIY guide to help you craft your own compelling brand story.
At the end of this workbook, you will own your business story and have the perfect tool to grow your brand – one that will help you connect with your customers on a deeper level, build greater trust in your offerings and amplify your impact.

Cost: $99 (+GST)

*If you finish your workbook, and find that your brand story needs a little finessing, you can do what a lot of people do and contact us to book in a minimum two hour Brand Story Finesse, where we can help you finalise your story and make it one that you fall head over heels madly in love with.

Option 3 – Brand Story Workshop

Book a 2 hour workshop for your business and we can take you and your team through the brand story discovery and development process in person.
This workshop is perfect for your business if you know in your heart that you are about something bigger than just the product or service you provide, but you haven’t been able to dial it in.
We help lift the brand fog, and get you clear on your purpose-driven brand story.

Cost: $1000 (+GST)


Copywriting and brand storytelling is our jam.

Which means you’re in luck. Because in this age of the global economy, the intrusive, self-centred ‘spray and pray’ marketing we once knew – no longer works.

In today’s digital climate, storytelling is at the heart of all good content marketing.

And that’s because stories allow us to create a human connection with our customers. Even the science proves it! Our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts. When we connect on an emotional level through story, we bond to the message, we have more trust in the brand, and ultimately we are more likely to support it.

When we market a product or service without storytelling, we’re simply ‘hard-selling’. But when we use storytelling in our content marketing, we’re showing through story, how that product or service can change someone’s life. See the difference?

At The Splendid Word, we write captivating copy for brands that helps them connect with their customers, builds trust in their offerings, elevates their profile and shares their unique story with the world.

We also deliver workshops on brand storytelling, and the power of positive communication if you’d like us to present at your event, or pay an in-person visit to your workplace or school!


Editing | Proofreading

You’ve spent countless hours slaving over an important company document, blog, brochure or enewsletter and sent the final product off for print or publication only to find a glaring mistake in the copy. Sound familiar?

It’s one of the most common pain points for brands and businesses who come to us for support. And no wonder. It might sound easy, but proofreading is actually a highly skilled craft. Wrapping your head around grammar structure, spelling, meanings and rules that are often contradictory, can (and does) take years to master.

Poor readability, spelling, punctuation and sloppy grammar can have a profoundly negative impact on your brand image and reputation. It can signify a lack of attention to detail, a rushed approach, or a lack of thoroughness in general.

And when you pour so much blood, sweat and tears into building a great business, the last thing you want to do is drop the ball on the standard of your communications. After all, that’s how you connect with your audience, and ultimately sell your product or service.

Our experienced editing team has been at this game for almost a decade (plus another decade before that working in the media) – spotting out typos, spelling mistakes, style inconsistencies and grammatical errors (all before you hit send).

We provide content editing for everything you can think of – long-form documents, articles, reports, submissions, web copy, books, essays and more.


Social Media Strategies & Content Packages

Consistency is key when it comes to using social media to build your digital footprint and get your message out.

And consistency is almost impossible to achieve without a plan.

We work with small businesses, corporates and start-ups to develop content marketing strategies, campaigns and editorial calendars for their social media offerings – helping to guide the way they look, sound and engage in the digital world.

And where the plan alone isn’t enough, and you need support with the content creation, we can help with that too.

We offer 3 and 6 month content packages for our clients, including words and stunning images that you can then roll out across your social platforms.

All the heavy lifting done for you.

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