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In the market for a qualified and experienced journalist to knock up a press release, provide you with some sound media advice or to help you meet that looming deadline?

Together, Leonie Canham and Christy O’Brien have more than 25 years’ experience working in newspapers, radio, magazines, websites, social media and politics.

They have written hard news, features, sport, politics and real estate and continue to work as freelance journalists for various publications and online agencies across the country.


Writing about yourself and your business is hard. We get it. And it’s even harder when you don’t consider yourself a writer. But here’s the thing. Whether you’re writing copy for your website, a blog, social media pages or a new product release, storytelling is crucial for connecting with your clients and selling your brand.

The Splendid Word can help find your voice, craft your unique story and create captivating content that people will love.

Editing / Proofreading

You’ve spent countless hours slaving over an important company document, brochure or enewsletter and sent the final product off for print or publication only to find a glaring mistake in the copy. Sound familiar?

Let the fastidious folk at The Splendid Word spot out those typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before it’s too late!

Christy and Leonie will make sure your thoughts are seamless and that your copy captures the attention of your audience.  They will ensure your grammar is faultless, your descriptions are on-key, and that your logic and structure reach perfection.  The Splendid Word provides content editing for articles, reports, submissions, web copy, books and essays.

Social Media Management

Consistency is key when it comes to using social media to get your message out. And consistency is almost impossible to achieve without a plan. We work with clients right across Australia to develop content marketing strategies, campaigns and editorial calendars for their social media offerings – helping to guide the way they look, sound and engage in the digital world. And where the plan alone isn’t enough, and you need support with the implementation and content creation, we can manage that too. Remember, words are our jam!

Commercial Scriptwriting

Is your business looking to create a promotional video (Vlog) for your website or social media platforms, a short documentary, or a commercial advertisement for radio or television? The Splendid Word can craft the perfect script to capture your audience, share your unique story, showcase your business or promote your exciting new products and services.

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