Episode 62 – Unpacking International Women’s Day

In episode 62 of Spreading the Good Stuff podcast we discuss the success and challenges of International Women’s Day (IWD), which was held in early March, and chew through what it means and what is should represent. It’s an interesting conversation, that has parallels with other struggles for equality and equity.

Katrina shares details from a local IWD she hosted and loved peeling back the layers to find out what is really happening behind the scenes (and the Instagram posts) of the women we admire.

Leonie took comfort in this insight and shares her feelings about overwhelm, creating the all-important wriggle room we need in our lives, and asking for help.

Christy talks about her frustrations with real equality for women, how she is feeling sore but good this week after almost four weeks of her Yoga Teacher Training and is hoping for a bath at some stage this week!

In this conversation we discussed an earlier podcast conversation we had about comparison and you can find it here.

We want to thank all our lovely listeners and there’s a special shout-out by Lee in this chat to one of male listeners for some wonderful feedback.

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Catch Episode 62 here, and thanks again for listening.

Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie


In this episode the things we are loving, included:

Christy ~ Historical novel by Kim Scott called That Dead Man Dance – should be a lot more of the same

Leonie ~ Headway – a non-fiction book summary tool, which sounds amazing

Katrina ~ mentions her excitement about a gym coming to her hometown of Koondrook Barham by one of our podcast pals Rach Robertson. Listen to a previous interview we did with Rach here. Katrina also mentions a funky little bar in Barham called Ivy Joyce, at which we plan to meet for some podcast planning very soon – how cool!