Episode #22 What we’ve learnt about grief, loss and longing

Episode #22 What we’ve learnt about grief, loss and longing 

We’re back with another ‘big’ and profound conversation and today we’re discussing grief, loss and longing on the back of our most recent episode (#21) featuring Tracey Farrelland Shari Gotch talking about their own experience of grief. During this episode we continue unpacking this deeply personal and challenging subject and realise we have only just scratched the surface of this important topic.

The biggest take homes from this conversation for us included the fact that grief looks different for everyone and one size does not fit all. Leonie and Katrina also discussed further the importance of acknowledging that grief is never ending and that the longing for lost loved ones often increases with time. The term bitter sweat, which was mentioned by Tracey in the original live episode, was also something we could all relate to and helped encapsulate all the big emotions around grief.

Shared grief and shared compassion was a common theme of this conversation and Leonie shares how this shared experience allows us to learn so much from so many different people and how we can better relate to those living with grief.

Whether you are in the depths of bereavement and grief yourself, or wanting to know how you can best support a friend or family member during their time of need, this is a conversation from which we can all learn,

During this chat, which saw the three of us back in the room recording together for the first time in many episodes (we were pretty excited!) we also discussed what we had been up to since we last met and also what we have been loving. Here’s a recap and links to all that was mentioned:

Christy ~ loving the insight and wisdom of Erin Barnes at Next Generation Wellness and also the spirit of adventure of her retired parents, who have been living and working on a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land, where she was lucky enough to visit with her daughter, sister and nephew.

Leonie ~ the enormous benefits of Erin’s Wellbeing and Life Success Immersion and how powerful the learnings from the weekend have already become.

Katrina – loving business coaching support from Kylie Lewis at Of Kin (one of our favourite humans) and all it has offered on both a personal and professional level

Other mentions:

Brene Brown

Maggie Dent

Oprah Winfrey

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What we’ve learnt about grief, loss and longing