Episode #9 – Slow Living with Samantha Ferrier (LIVE recording)


Episode #9 – Slow Living with Samantha Ferrier (LIVE recording)

In this episode we continue our conversation around ‘slow’ and this recording was captured at the LIVE Spreading The Good Stuff Conversation Series (Episode 5) during June 2018 in Echuca Moama and encapsulates all the benefits of living a slow and intentional life. Sam Ferrier is a quietly spoken environmental activist who is changing the world around her one Boomerang Bag at a time, and in this conversation with Leonie she shares her approach to slow living and offers an insight into how we can all reap the benefits.

Sam unpacks the notion of mindfulness over mindlessness and how this can benefit ourselves and our environment. Importantly, Sam also shares how slow living can look different for everyone, and that it’s more about the small moments and being aware of the things that can take over our lives (aka social media).

“It’s not about being wrong or right or shaming people…it’s about awareness, and balance, and the understanding that you can live a full life, while still living slow,” she says.

Slow living has also aided Sam through difficult times, including the loss of her brother Dan to suicide, through being more mindful, conscious and present.

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Episode 9 Show Notes:

For links to all the tools and resources mentioned in this conversation with Sam visit the post event blog here.