Episode #8 – Slow Living


Episode #8 – Slow Living

Image: Thanks to Maria Reid Kingma at Gunbower Island (near Echuca Moama) – imagine slowing down enough to capture magical moments like this every day!

In this week’s episode we unpack the notion of ‘slow’ living.

We discuss what it means, provide an aspiring definition thanks to our friends at the Slow Your Home podcast and share the successes and challenges we face when trying to bring a little more slow into our lives.

One of the biggest ironies of attempting to live a slow and more intentional life is not having the time to even think about it, and in this conversation we offer some tips about how to begin the process. These include just being aware of how ‘busy’ our lives can be and the negative impact this can have.

In this episode we invite you to find a little headspace to set some intentions and get clear on your own core values and goals in life, which is all part of living a more slow and intentional life. These are big topics and we have loads of people and places to inspire and help you in the process (see the show notes below).

We think this ‘slow’ chat is the perfect antidote to our last conversation about ‘busy’ and we’d love to hear your feedback over on our social pages at Facebook and Instagram.

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Enjoy and thanks for listening,

Christy, Katrina and Leonie



Episode #8 Show Notes

In this episode we mention the following:

Slow Your Home

War on Waste

Brene Brown

Erin Barnes – Next Generation Wellness

Crappy to Happy podcast

Gentle Parenting

Tips from Leonie: Try a digital detox and slow down to allow time to think more about how you want to feel, not what you want get done each day.

Tips from Christy: Spend some ‘slow’ time in nature and use the Forest App to help prioritise tasks and get ‘stuff’ done.

Tips from Katrina: Slow down to get clear on what’s important to you and your family and how you want to feel.

This week we are loving:

Christy ~ recent article in The Age on Forest Bathing and the associated benefits

Lee ~ has also been reading about Forest Bathing in the latest Dumbo Feather magazine

Read this article for more fascinating benefits of Forest Bathing.

Katrina ~

Deepak’s Chopra – find five new things in nature with your kids
Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast
Sophie Hansen’s podcast– five things to be cheerful about on a Monday (My Open Kitchen podcast)