Episode #6 – BONUS – Mental Health and Our Farmers


Episode #6 – BONUS – Mental Health and Our Farmers

Following on from Katrina’s conversation on the couch in Episode #5 about her experience of suicide and mental health from our LIVE Spreading The Good Stuff series at Junction, we felt the need to create a bonus episode to discuss how we can all help each other through tough times and what to do when we are seriously worried about someone’s mental health.

The information given in this episode is drawn from Katrina’s experience with the The Ripple Effect and the National Centre for Farmer Health.

We are not being qualified in this field, however given the current drought situation facing many of our farmers, particularly in NSW and QLD, we felt it was important to have the conversation.

We know that these difficult conditions for many farmers can contribute to increased rates of suicide, so we’ve discussed what you can do to stay positive and also how we can look out for each other and support those going through tough times.

This was also a good time to have a more general conversation about what to do when you are seriously worried about someone. We offer suggestions of what to say and give you some direction for where to go to get help.

These are tough conversations to have, but we felt it was important to share this information and shine a light on this important issue, which is affecting our regional communities.

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Enjoy and thanks for listening,

Christy, Katrina and Leonie



Episode #6 Show Notes

Katrina ~ talked about the following mental health support agencies:

Ripple Effect

Life Line

Remember that you can also speak to your local GP or Community Health Centre.

Also, you can find important information on how to ask someone you are worried about here.

Leonie ~ mentioned an important resource to help people who are struggling via OnBeing.