Episode #59 – Surviving 2020 (with your relationships intact)


Episode #59 – Surviving 2020 (with your relationships intact)

We made it! Our final episode for this crazy, crazy year!

Thank you to each and every one of our cherished listeners for your support in 2020, and for helping us to spread the good stuff out there in our rural and regional communities. Your feedback and encouragement along the way means the world to us. This final episode is a conversation about the year that has been – a chance for acknowledgment, reflection and self-compassion. We also share how we’re setting ourselves up for the Christmas rush, including self-care tips to see us through the festive season and to help us bring the joy at this special time of year. And because we know that Christmas can put extra strain on relationships and be a time of great challenge for some, we also talk at length about ways that we can protect our energy, own our behaviour and show up as the best possible version of ourselves, despite the actions of others around us.

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Thanks so much for listening throughout 2020, Merry Christmas to you and your families and we look forward to bringing you lots of conversations in 2021!

Christy, Leonie and Katrina xxx