Episode #58 – Gathering – Why We Meet & Why It Matters


Episode #58 – Gathering – Why We Meet & Why It Matters

Today’s conversation is about gathering, what drives us to come together, why it matters, and how we can bring more intention and meaning into our connections as we head into the festive season.

In a year where gatherings have mainly been ‘off the agenda’ due to COVID-19 we felt it timely to discuss the best way to approach get-togethers as we steam head first towards Christmas.

In this episode, our second last for the year, we also discuss what happens when we decide not to go, if FOMO is a thing for you, and how we don’t always have to follow the ‘old rules’ of gathering just because we should?

Christy talks about her annual Thanksgiving Gathering – one she would not give up for anything – and also how to triage all those events we ‘should’ be going to.

Katrina discusses a human-centred approach to gathering, whether it’s in the board room or around the kitchen table, and Leonie reminds us that we can ALL gather well.
This conversation was inspired by an insightful episode over on Brenè Brown’s podcast Unlocking Us with Priya Parker about gathering – listen to it here.

We all agreed that after a long period of no gatherings during this crazy Covid year that it’s important to go gently when it comes to overcommitting, and that essentially WE are responsible for how we show up at events – and we’re not just talking about what to wear!

Setting intentions are important and finding the headspace to be grateful and not just rush through gatherings is also key when it comes to protecting and fostering personal relationships, which is something we dive into for our final episode coming on December 17.

Things we mentioned in this episode:

Katrina mentioned Shall We Social and how she is going to tackle the 12 Reels of Christmas and also an important conversation between our favourite Brenè Brown and Elizabeth Lesser about her book Broken Open. Tune into the conversation here.

Leonie mentioned watching the final episode of Schitt’s Creek, which she started watching during Covid Lockdown and all the feels it delivered.

Christy mentioned time spent on the river – her nature fix during the warmer months. And starting her annual 24 Days of Gratitude leading up to Christmas and how it helps her to notice the ‘good stuff’ – follow her over on Instagram here.

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Christy, Leonie and Katrina xxx