Episode #57 – Manage Your Time, Or It Will Manage You…..


Episode #57 – Manage Your Time, Or It Will Manage You…..

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sudden influx of calendar entries in your diary, and the growing demands on your time this conversation is for you.

Episode 57 is all about time management and it might just be the helping hand you need. For most of this strange year, our time has been our own, but as we start to re-emerge from this last big round of Covid shutdowns, and state borders open up again, things are shifting dramatically.

Social invitations are suddenly flying in thick and fast, kids’ sport and extra curricular activities are back on the agenda, work projects and deadlines are piling up……. and Christmas is only a month away!
The mental load is real guys, and for many of us it’s been a while since we’ve carried it. In this conversation we go deep on the subject of time management and productivity and share how we make them work (not always successfully) in our own work and personal lives to stay on top of the overwhelm. In this chat there are heaps of helpful hacks and advice to help you take charge of your time, including productivity and planning tools, strategies for managing the mental clutter, boundary setting, outsourcing and asking for help. And the key takeaway: good time management all comes down to getting your wellbeing foundations right so that you feel confident to say NO when you need to. It’s all about prioritising and managing YOUR own time – because if you don’t, time (and every one else’s priorities) will manage you. Enjoy the conversation and remember that being ‘busy’ is a choice you make.

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Chat soon,

Christy, Leonie and Katrina xxx


Things we mentioned in this chat:

Christy ~ Forest App for hacking distractions from your phone

Leonie ~ Trello for planning and productivity – get rid of your old-fashion written list forever! Emotional Intelligence expert Dr Ben PalmerNext Generation Wellness Whole Life Success and Productivity Planner

Katrina ~ Total Transformation program with Jim Fortin and the book What to Say When You’re Talking to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter.