Episode #56 – Following Your Heart – in Business & in Life


Episode #56 – Following Your Heart – in Business & in Life

In this episode we were super excited to be back in the same room recording for the first time in 9 months. This conversation is an important one for anyone starting out in a new business, or if you’re running an established business that’s going through change. Katrina shares her experiences so far of her start-up coaching biz, and Lee & Christy get vulnerable about their decision to end their partnership after almost 10 years of running The Splendid Word together.

We riff on so much good stuff during this chat and we hope you find useful in your personal and professional lives. There are so may good take-aways, including following your heart, using your voice, hope and optimism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, clarity, bravery, mindset, integrity, transition and evolution.

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Chat soon,

Christy, Leonie and Katrina



What we’re loving – mentioned in this conversation:

Christy ~ the amazing local business Nathalia Boarding Kennels

Leonie ~ Prue Chapman’s The Owners Collective business coaching course

Katrina ~ The School of Visibility course