Episode #54 – Small Business Spotlight (Part #2) – Pivoting with Covid – 12 Good Eggs


Episode #54 – Small Business Spotlight (Part #2) – Pivoting with Covid – 12 Good Eggs

In this episode Katrina chats with Kate Redfern from Barham egg farm – 12 Good Eggs. Katrina chats with Kate about their thriving egg business and how they’ve had to pivot during Covid.

Kate and her family run 3000 chooks on a property near Moulamein where the free range chooks live in very funky caravans! They sort and pack everything themselves at a warehouse in Barham. When the borders closed Kate had to get very inventive so she could off load all the eggs they had because they were unable to get to all their regular farmers markets in Victoria.

In this conversation Kate discusses how she was able to use her networks and marketing background to turn a really challenging time into something really positive for their business and open a whole new door. Kate shares so much ‘gold’ about how they run their business, the importance of good staff and their plans for the future. It’s such a great conversation, which really shines a light on the power of working together, being innovative and being able to adapt even in the face of great challenge.

We’re thrilled to be bringing you another conversation in our month-long Small Business Festival Series in collaboration with Murray River Council for the NSW Government.

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During this conversation Katrina and Kate discuss many things and specifically mention:

Western Murray Land Improvement Group

The Avo Club

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