Episode #52 – Building Your Brand Online


Episode #52 – Building Your Brand Online

In partnership with Murray River Council we’re celebrating NSW Government Small Business Month’s Festival of Small Business with a series of conversations aimed at supporting people in small business across regional NSW to reboot and up-skill for the future.

This first conversation dives deep into the importance of having an online presence and we share some helpful advice on the best ways to build your brand, and a look at the lessons we’ve all learnt along the way in our own small businesses.

During this conversation we focus on the power of brand storytelling for building human connections with your customers and talk about the importance of knowing your ‘why’. We also discuss just some of the online platforms available and how to choose the best best one for you and your business.

In the coming weeks, we can’t wait to hear from some inspiring small businesses from across Murry River Council and would love your feedback on our chats, as well as your own experience of carving out a business during what has been a very challenging year for many.

During this conversation we specifically discussed the following tools for building your brand online:

Christy – Trello for planning the work and big picture stuff

Leonie – Having a bespoke and professionally documented Brand Strategy

Katrina – Canva for DIY design and scheduling app for social media

Other mentions during this conversation:

Simon Sinek – Know Your Why

School of Visibility

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Chat soon,

Christy, Leonie and Katrina