Episode #51 – Change


Episode #51 – Change

We’re back with another Spreading the Good Stuff conversation and in this episode we’re talking about ‘change’.

We discuss how change can be scary, and is not always pretty.

But one thing that’s become abundantly clear to us all over the past six months of this global pandemic is that change is inevitable, and we all need to be able to adapt and respond to it if we want to have a fulfilled and positive experience of life.

During this chat we share how we have dealt with change in our personal and professional lives and discuss the tools and habits we turn to when change is thrust upon us. We also chat about how we can go about creating change in our own lives when old ways of doing things aren’t serving us.

As always, we mentioned things we’ve been loving, which included:

Christy ~ Julia Baird’s new book Phosphorescence and online business support network Spend with Us.

Katrina ~ Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza

Leonie ~ The Owners Collective business coaching

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Chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina