Episode #50 – Social Media During a Global Pandemic – The Good & The Bad


Episode #50 – Social Media During a Global Pandemic – The Good & The Bad

Photo cred to our legendary mate Cindy Power Photography

We’re back for a chat this week, after a little break due to Covid challenges and we thank all our listeners for their patience. Fifty episodes – wow! We feel this deserves some sort of celebration when we can finally get back together again! We will also need to celebrate the fact that our humble little podcast just past 20,000 downloads – hooray for us! And welcome to all our new listeners recently… we love having you onboard to help spread the good stuff!

In this episode we’re talking about the pros and cons of social media and how we each deal with the beast, that can sometimes be a little unruly!

How’s your relationship with social media? Are you a lover or a hater?

And how has that changed, if at all, during this time of a global pandemic?In this chat we discuss our own experiences with social media and how we move through phases of embracing and rejecting the many platforms available to us.

We share some helpful tips on how you can nurture a healthy relationship with the online social world and ensure that it is a positive place of inspiration, connection, joy, sharing and education for you.

During this conversation we mentioned the following:

Katrina ~ Safe on Social program and her brand new online wellness program with Meg Durham at Open Minded Education. Find the course Thrive with Meg and Kat here. Well done Katrina… you are so made for this space!

Leonie ~ Has also been doing the Safe on Social course and has been loving diving back into podcasts, including Moving Inward. She is also excited about a couple of new podcasts by Kim Morrison on the Art of Self Love (out now) and by Erin Barnes at Next Generation Wellness (coming next month) – we are all super excited about these!

Christy ~ Is loving spring, some warmer weather and getting back in the pool – she’s just waiting for the river to reopen once Covid restrictions are lifted. She also mentioned loving magazines, including BreatheDumbo Feather and Graziher

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Chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina