Episode #49 – Border Closures Ripping Regional Communities Apart


Episode #49 – Border Closures Ripping Regional Communities Apart

In this episode, the three of us are back together (sort of) in a conversation about the impact that irrational border restrictions are having on our regional communities. How could we not talk about an issue that is essentially tearing our Murray River communities in half (unequally) for reasons that do not match the current pandemic situation in our region, where there are currently zero cases.

This chat is not a whinge fest, it’s a conversation about the impact as well as the incredible ability our communities have to solve problems, remain positive and always find a way to display the resilience needed for tough times.

We also talk about ways we cope during times of stress and anxiety – meditation, time in nature and talking to each other are all high on the list.

We also talked about the things we are loving:

Katrina ~ Walking in nature and talking to her friend Meg about beginning her wellness coaching business – very exciting!

Leonie ~ Feelings around freedoms (not having them) and discipline. Leonie has just completed a five-day cleanse with Next Generation Wellness and also Dry July and can’t move around in her town due to border restrictions in NSW. Despite all this she is feeling grateful.

Christy ~Also the five-day cleanse with Next Generation Wellness and getting to know ‘good food’ again! Gardening and the faint scent of spring in the air!

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Chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina