Episode #46 – In Conversation with Sally Dalwood – leading from the heart in life and in biz


Episode #46 – In Conversation with Sally Dalwood – leading from the heart in life and in biz

New episode alert! It’s a really special one too. In this episode Katrina interviews Sally Dalwood, founder of The Suite Set.

They chat about motherhood and starting a business from scratch.
Sal has had an extensive and wide-ranging career including working as Press Secretary to Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and being named by The Age as one of the top 50 most influential women in Australia! Sal is actually Leonie’s cousin and is a very dear friend to Katrina and Lee. She is one of the most inspiring and loving people we know.

In this chat, Katrina and Sal discuss what led to Sal starting The Suite Set and how she made that decision. They talk about motherhood and the challenges of wanting to “have it all” when it comes to work and family. They unpack the importance of really knowing your values, your purpose and your why and Sal gives us some wonderful tips and advice for how to dig deep in to knowing what’s really important to you. Sal also talks us through her social media and why building a community is so important when establishing a business.
There is so much gold in this episode, with so many helpful tips and practical advice if you’re looking to start a business and wondering if it’s time to take the leap!

The girls mention our favourite Brene Brown and also Gabby Bernstein during the conversation. If you have any questions about this chat, or any other conversation on the podcast feel free to touch base via a direct message over our social channels (email coming really soon).

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