Episode #45 – Life After COVID-19 – Designing a ‘New Normal’


Episode #45 – Life After COVID-19 – Designing a ‘New Normal’

With restrictions beginning to ease across Australia, many of us are starting to contemplate what life will look like after COVID-19.

In this conversation we talk about how the ‘new normal’ will look different for everyone, and we all agreed that not all parts of ‘normal’ life are worth rushing back to. This powerful conversation covers the big picture discussion around hitting reset, shares some of our isolation lessons, and also how we approach life moving forward. We take a deep dive and discuss the parts of life we want to take with us after isolation, and navigate a gentle approach to letting go.

Put simply, it’s not a cut and dry conversation and we discuss the fact that post-Covid anxiety is a real thing, and there is much to consider. It was important to note in this conversation that there are many people in our community deeply impacted by this pandemic and the lockdown has been devastating, bringing with it huge challenges that will have an impact for many months (or years) to come.

However, with an aim to always spread the good stuff, we have chosen to focus on the good that has so far come from being in lockdown and lessons we have learnt about ourselves, our families and the wider community.

During this episode we mention some of the things we have been loving these past weeks, including:

Christy ~ Mindful in May online mindfulness program

Katrina ~ The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner (book)

Leonie – amazing community support for Girls Night Out Cancer Support Charity here in Echuca Moama.

During this conversation we also talked about Sophie Hansen’s Basket By The Door (book) and weekly email via Local is Lovely. As well as the incredible Unlocking Us podcast from our favourite Brene Brown.

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Chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina