Episode #42 – Feeling Lost? This is how to reset & move forward


Episode #42 – Feeling Lost? This is how to reset & move forward

In this episode Leonie chats with her sister Erin from Next Generation Wellness about a collective feeling of loss, purposeless and overwhelm during this time of enormous change and isolation?

In this conversation the girls discuss the loss of direction and routine; the loss of work and finances; the loss of physical connection and touch; the loss of gathering for shared meals and celebrations. And how we all just want to get back to normal… but we can’t. So, what do we do instead? And how do we shift our focus from the losses, to the gains?

This is the second time we’ve chatted to Erin on the podcast, whose important work focuses on physical and emotional behaviours with a strong emphasis on stress resilience and behaviour change.

This episode discusses establishing new direction and purpose in our lives during this time of global pandemic, as well as awareness around expectation and the challenges of not having control of the situation.

It’s a powerful conversation in which Erin carefully walks us through the steps of how we can reset, recalibrate and create a ‘new normal’ during this challenging period. She also opens our minds to the possibility that we can actually come out the other side of this experience as better leaders, parents, partners and friends – if we dare to let it.

Thank you to Erin for joining us once again on the podcast and thanks to you all for tuning in.

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