Episode #40 – Each for Equal – what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world.


Episode #40 – Each for Equal – what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world.

In this episode we talk to Lauren Mathers from Barham’s Bundarra Berkshires about equality in business and in life. This is a live recording of an interview between Christy and Lauren at the recent International Women’s Day (IWD) event held on the Victorian-NSW border towns of Echuca Moama. In this insightful chat, Lauren shares her struggles as a mum, business owner, and woman doing a ‘man’s job. What an incredible opportunity for our podcast to be able to share this important chat about equality in business and in life – thanks to event organisers Committee for Echuca Moama (C4EM).

There’s so many wonderful take-homes from this honest and authentic chat with Lauren, where she shares her struggles as a mum, business owner and a woman doing a ‘mans’ job.  We discuss the successes and challenges of being a women in business and that elusive work/life balance!

Each for Equal was the theme for IWD this year and education around equality for both men and women was a really interesting discussion from the day, and one to have within your family and friends, as well as the importance of choice and redefining social norms.

In this episode, Katrina and Christy also chat about what equality means to them and about areas for celebration when it comes to equality and also some challenges we are still facing moving forward.

During this episode we mention: Annabel Crab’s quarterly essay and also her excellent book The Wife Drought – why women need wives and men need lives.

What we are loving:

Katrina ~ The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and Impact Theory podcast. Christy ~ Still celebrating the Australian Women’s Cricket team winning the T20 World Cup and also the importance of storytelling. Christy mentions a fabulous story that Leonie wrote about her humble little home town of Colbinabbin. If you’re looking for a good news story you can find it over on The Splendid Word blog here.

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