Episode #39 – Collective Grief, Staying Positive and Starting Fresh – Welcome to 2020!


Episode #39 – Collective Grief, Staying Positive and Starting Fresh – Welcome to 2020!

We’re back in the chat room for 2020 with our first episode of the new decade. This first conversation for the year covers a wide range of topics, including bushfires, coronavirus, collective grief, staying positive and fresh starts. We share our own hopes and dreams for positive growth this year, as well as some ‘loose’ plans for the podcast.

In this episode we talk about how we spent the holidays, how we have finally got into the swing of 2020 (and the end of Feb!) and how on earth we get the work done when life gets in the way. We talk about the tricks and tools we use to get stuff done on a daily basic, including our favourite planning program Trello.

Thanks for hanging in there during our summer break and as always, thanks for listening

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Tell us what you want us to chat about in 2020!

We finished this episode by sharing what we’re loving, which included:

Katrina –  The Huddle gathering in Orange (NSW) by Jumbled,  4-week course with Manifestation Babe and also the The Big Leap book by Gay Hendricks

Christy – Next Generation Wellness (NGW) Body Reset course with Erin Barnes (Leonie’s sister)

Leonie – also the NGW Body Reset Program, 10-Day Mastering the Art of Self Love course with Kim Morrison’s  and new family member – golden retriever puppy Indra (divine!)

Tune in: We also mentioned two previous podcast episodes where we chatted with Kim Morrison for Episode #28 back in July and Erin Barnes for Episode #17 in January 2019.

Chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina