Episode #38 – Gratitude and Giving Thanks at Christmas Time


Episode #38 – Gratitude and Giving Thanks at Christmas Time

In this episode we take our Spreading The Good Stuff podcast to a live audience at Junction, Moama for a very special evening of gratitude and giving thanks. How lucky we were to share a heart-felt conversation with an intimate audience of 50 beautiful souls who took the opportunity to stop, take stock and be thankful this festive season.

There is no better time to pause and take the time to give thanks for the good in your life. Because, despite the many challenges we can face from time to time

During this conversation we each discussed the ways we stay grateful, including writing down your top 3 or 5 items daily, sharing a dinner-time gratitude ritual with family and friends and also practicing mindfulness through daily meditation.

As part of the conversation, we were also so very grateful to have three brave members of our audience share what they are grateful for and how they stay thankful during challenging times. Thank you to Sharnee, Jodie and Di for opening their hearts to our audience and sharing the joys and challenges of gratitude and giving thanks. How lucky we are to have people within our community willing to share their emotions and talk about the ‘bigger’ things in life. It certainly helps make us all expand emotionally.

The number one tip from the night about practicing gratitude (especially at Christmas time), was to go hard on this stuff during good times, and it will serve you well during challenges. Like any ritual or habit in life, gratitude takes regular practice and there is no end destination. It’s a lifelong process to be shared and cherished as something really important in your life. And it needs more airplay in our community.

This was our final episode for 2019, and we are so very grateful to you all for tuning in throughout the year and helping us to spread the good stuff.

We’ll be enjoying a break with our families and will return to the airwaves with more ‘good stuff’ in February 2020.

Special thanks also to our event partner at Junction for hosting this live podcast recording and for the delicious thanksgiving spread we were lucky enough to share with our audience.

Merry Christmas to you all and stay safe and well over the holiday season.

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Christy and Leonie, and Katrina