Episode #35 – Sleep lessons – unpacking advice from our expert


Episode #35 – Sleep lessons – unpacking advice from our expert

Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep!

In this podcast Episode #35 we unpack the conversation Christy had with sleep expert Dr Moira Junge. There were so many helpful tips from Dr Moira and we loved her gentle approach to sleep as well as her practical and straightforward direction with some very important dos and don’ts.

We continued our discussion about the importance of sleep and reflect on the learnings we all gained from the knowledge and approach of Dr Moira about how we can create good sleep hygiene. For all the links to the wonderful tips and tools from Dr Moira visit the show notes from Episode #34.

As always we love hearing your thoughts on our conversations and in this episode we give a special shout-out to those tuning in on a regular basis and help us to spread the good stuff.

We finish this conversation with a heartfelt discussion about giving thanks, which is always a lovely reminder at this time of year heading into the frenzied, festive season.

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Thanks to our loyal audience for tuning in and also to the lovely Dr Moira again for giving her time.

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina


Image thanks to @tungstenfrenchie

What we are loving (aka podcast show notes):

*Leonie mentions the amazing benefits of Downtime app on your iPhone (under Screen Time in the settings) #lifehackoftheyear

*Katrina mentions the benefits of being off Facebook and the challenges of maintaining a healthy approach and also the fun around ‘extra’!

*Christy mentions the importance of giving thanks and an annual gathering she has with wonderful friends to share a meal (including the Turkey) and give thanks – all 40 of them (adults and kids)