Episode #34 – A Conversation with Sleep Expert Dr Moira Junge


Episode #34 – A Conversation with Sleep Expert Dr Moira Junge

This week on Spreading the Good Stuff podcast we were doubly blessed to have sleep expert and podcaster Dr Moira Junge generously give her time to talk about sleep and answer many of the questions that arose from a previous chat about getting enough z’s.

We were so grateful to Dr Junge, health psychologist and board member of the Sleep Health Foundation – Australia’s leading advocate for healthy sleep – and co-host of the Sleep Talk Podcast at Sleep Hub.

In this conversation with Christy Dr Moira talks about the importance of sleep as a big part of wellbeing and health messaging and how, unfortunately it does not get the attention of other areas such as diet and exercise.

During this chat we unpack sleep hygiene (yes it is a thing) and discuss the dos and don’ts around sleep habits and getting the optimum 7-9 hours per night.

Dr Moira provides a number of tips for good sleep, including ways to prioritise and respect it and also talks about taking a chilled-out approach to your slumber time. Like with many other areas of our health, we will all fall off the wagon at times (have a late night, or periods of disrupted sleep) and Dr Moira chats about the importance of a relaxed approach to getting enough.

Knowing when to to seek professional help is also important, and all the links discussed in this conversation can be found over at the Sleep Health Foundation and also over on the Sleep Talk podcast.

As advocates for living your best life here at Spreading the Good Stuff, we cherish conversations like this one as gentle reminders about the basic requirements for optimal health and wellbeing that allow us all to thrive!

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Thanks again to Dr Moira and chat soon!

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina