Episode #29 – The Self-Love Debrief – lessons from best-selling author Kim Morrison


Episode #29 – The Self-Love Debrief – lessons from best-selling author Kim Morrison

In this episode we get clear on the ‘idea’ of self-love and discuss our key learnings from the previous episode featuring the extraordinary self-love guru Kim Morrison. We delve deep into the many pearls of wisdom from Kim’s conversation around prioritising self-care in our lives. Kim lives and breathes self-love and this chat certainly gave us many reminders and the practical tools to take better care of ourselves. Self-care is essentially respecting and valuing ourselves and taking action, not just ‘reacting’ to life.

The conversation around enabling our men to prioritise self-care was also music to our ears, as well as the discussion around resilience, staying ‘above the line’ and our ability to recover when stuff happens to us – because it always will.

We were also reminded that it is not our job to not ‘fix’ other people, but to create an example and a ripple effect of positiveness – be the example not the evangelist.

We can’t wait to bring you our next conversation around what we each do for self-care in our lives, the benefits of regular practice and the challenges when let them slip a little.

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We’ll be back in your ears again in a couple of weeks to talk more on self-love.

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Christy and Leonie, and Katrina


During this episode we fully unpack Leonie’s interview with Kim Morrison, which you can find here.

For what we were loving this chat, we couldn’t go past Kim Morrison’s essentially oil products at Twenty8, which we have either discovered for the first time, or fallen back in love with. If you haven’t read Kim’s book yet, The Art of Self Love it also gives you a thorough run down on how and when to use essentially oils, which can be a little confusing and overwhelming when you first start out.

Leonie also loved a group online meditation, offered by A Live Yogi at the most recent full moon – how cool!

Image thanks to: eatbreatheselflove.com