Episode #28 – The Art of Self Love – A Conversation with Kim Morrison

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Episode #28 – The Art of Self Love – A Conversation with Kim Morrison

We’re excited to bring you a very special conversation with the queen of self love Kim Morrison. If you haven’t come across Kim’s work until now, she is a gift to human kind. Kim’s journey and all that she’s accomplished has stemmed from her unwavering self-belief that you must take care of yourself, first and foremost. And she’s dedicated her life to teaching us all how self love can help us navigate our struggles in life with courage, grace, strength and dignity. During this chat with Leonie, Kim shares her learnings from a full life of ups and downs, as well as essential tools for practicing self care and self love.

We were lucky enough to meet Kim (see pic above) at a recent event in Echuca Moama that focused on self love, created by the fabulous Liz Sefton (The Nourishing Home) and Suzy McCleary (Echuca Family Acupuncture) and we were blown away by her honesty, authenticity and practical approach when it comes to taking better care of ourselves. Essentially self love is ensuring you have enough in your own bucket first before you can fully give to others. Sage advice indeed.

This episode is essentially a window into the art of self care and Kim’s book The Art of Self Love is both a practical and entertaining guide to the tools you need to begin your own journey.  Essential oils are a huge component of the self love process, and Kim’s book offers a detailed but practical guide to the associated benefits. We had all dabbled in essential oils previously, however Kim’s approach through her amazing range at Twenty8 has definitely strengthened our knowledge and belief in their incredible powers.

If you’re keen to learn more after listening to this illuminating conversation, and tap into some of Kim’s self care rituals, we encourage you to head along to her Essential Self-Care weekend happening in Echuca Moama this October.

Thanks to Kim and also the lovely Liz Sefton we can offer our podcast listeners a $50 discount off the cost of the weekend, by entering the word Liz into the code at checkout. Whether you are just discovering the art of self love, or need to recalibrate your approach, this weekend will be amazing and THE best gift to self this year. For more information on the course visit the Twenty8 website link here.

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We’ll be back in your ears again in a couple of weeks to talk more on self love, how we work it into our own daily lives and what the benefits have been for the three of us.

Thanks again for listening and chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina