Episode #27 – Kids & Tech – The Wrap Up


Episode #27 – Kids & Tech – The Wrap Up

In this episode, we were excited to be back together around the microphone after Katrina’s epic trip to magical Portugal for her sister’s wedding.

After a catch up on what we’ve been up to, we wrap up the kids and tech topic (this was a big one) on the back of Christy’s recent interview with child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies from Chaos to Calm Consultancy – which was a fabulous, nugget-filled conversation.

We talk about what we learnt, what changes we are attempting to make with our own families, and the importance of navigating this challenging space together, as a community. We also share some wonderfully honest feedback on the topic from some of our much-valued, regular listeners and we thank those who take the time to reach out via email or message to share the love for our podcast. We are so heartened that so many of you are not only listening in, but also gaining so much for our conversations. We have just ticked over 9000 listens, which is pretty cool – thank you!

So much chat about kids and tech, and this week’s announcement by state governments to start rolling back mobile phone usage at schools, has prompted us all to take charge of our own patch and start having important conversations about tech in our own lives. Chrissie’s words of wisdom to “start as you mean to go” were a great reminder to get clear as a family about our expectations and to not be afraid to take the steps to recalibrate the use of technology within our family units – it’s okay to say no and not be popular with your tribe. These important conversations and decisions will only benefit our kids to be better equipped to navigate the world of technology moving forward.

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During this chat we shared what we’ve been loving, which included the following:

Leonie ~ One Wild Ride podcast (hailing from beautiful Byron Bay) and also a cute little set of a gratitude postcards, which includes real ‘snail mail’ letters and can be sourced here.

Christy ~ a sneaky little art class with Take Art on Tuesdays here in Echuca Moama.

Katrina ~ the book Normal People by Sally Rooney , the Goop podcast conversation Creating a Value-Centred Home and also the Simplicity Parenting podcast with Kim John Payne.

We also mentioned a link shared on our social pages by Echuca Moama Chinese Medicine doctor, Suzy McCleary about tech and kids and the damage of nighttime usage. Thank you to Suzi for sharing this super important information- find out more here.

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Thanks again for listening and chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina