Episode #25 – Tech and Kids


Episode #25 – Tech and Kids

This conversation definitely brought up more questions than answers and we ALL admit early on in the piece we don’t have many answers when it comes to technology and our kids. We all have a somewhat love/hate relationship with technology, which can be both a help and a hindrance in our lives.

During this chat we specifically talk about how we manage tech in our homes and with our kids, who are aged from a toddler through to mid teens, and also how we monitor our own use.

One thing is certain, digital technology has infiltrated every nook and cranny of our lives, and as parents we’re mostly navigating this new era blindfolded. We discuss our own fears and challenges around what the future might look like for our kids as a result of the impact of tech and the importance of sharing knowledge and advice in this space.

We certainly don’t have all the answers, but this is a huge issue that we’re all really interested in and want to learn more about, and would love you all to share your tips and tricks. If you, like us, feel that technology can be overwhelming be sure to tune in and share your thoughts.

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Christy and Leonie, and Katrina


Things we mentioned in this episode that you might want to check out and also what we’re loving:

Christy: Loving the Forest App on my phone for minimising distractions from tech and getting things done, and finding tools to set boundaries!

Katrina: Mentioned the Richard Fidler’s ABC Conversations discussion with David Gillespie on his book Teen Brain. She is loving the book by Dr Justin Coulson 21 Days to a Happier Family.

Leonie: Mentioned the Goop podcast and is loving Brene Brown’s Call to Courage documentary on Netflix

Image thanks to lucyandyak.com