Episode #20 Getting Real About Health and Fitness

Episode #20 Getting Real About Health and Fitness

Wow! We made it to episode 20 and we are so very grateful to all who have tuned in and also become a subscriber to Spreading the Good Stuff on their favourite podcast hang out. We are both excited and a little overwhelmed that people are actually listening and cannot believe we are now sitting at more than 5400 downloads on Anchor and almost 30 reviews on iTunes – thank you so very much!

In this episode we unpack Katrina’s conversation with fitness guru Rach Robertson and discuss how watching people across social media exercising every day can be a little intimidating for some. However, the biggest take home from this awesome chat was that ‘exercise’ looks different for everyone and one size does not fit all when it comes to our daily exercise goals. Christy loved the description of feeling strong in this chat (as opposed to feeling ‘fit’) and Leonie appreciated the reminder that we all have the same number of hours in each day and that we can ALL get clearer on our daily priorities.

“Finding the moments in every day that make you happy,” was a nice way of putting it Lee!

Katrina elaborated on how Rach has helped her to up the ante with new daily routines delivered in video format – check out Rach’s Youtube channel.

Moving every day in some way is key and we agreed that it’s about progress and not perfection. We also reminded each other that we need to be gentle with ourselves and not expect to see instant results.

Making time for ourselves every day can be a challenge and women (especially mothers) are not great at prioritising, however there is very clear evidence that physical health has a direct link to our mental health and everyone around us benefits in the long run if we are happy and healthy.

To round out this episode we discussed what we’re loving at the moment and we came up with the following:

Christy – is reading the Art of Self Love by Kim Morrison, which has been a god send during recent stressful times and highlights the importance of self care and kindness towards ourselves and others. Focusing on the good has been a strong theme in this book, which is a neat fit with our podcast.

Leonie – has been diving into the world of reiki healing with the delightful Sally Williams at Soul Nurturer and loving the deep meditative experience it has provided.

Katrina – has been gifting people with Brene Brown’s latest offering Dare to Lead and is keen to help nurture more women leaders in our regional areas. She has also been delving into some heavy goal setting work through the Kristina Karlsson’s Your Dream Life Starts Here and also Dr John Demartini’s work on defining values.

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Getting Real About Health and Fitness