Episode #19 – Health & Fitness with Rach Robertson

Episode #19 – Health & Fitness with Rach Robertson

In today’s episode we continue our interview series with an episode that looks at how we can all try to live more positively through health and fitness. Katrina chats with Rach Robertson, founder of Rach Robertson Fitness about how she came to set up her fitness program in her community and online. We look at how you can get started on your fitness journey and how you can make sure you achieve your fitness goals and actually follow through. We unpack LCHF and JERFING and what healthy eating really means and Rach gives us some insights into personal challenges that she’s faced in her fitness journey and how she overcame them. This one is filled with gold to help you on your fitness and health journey.

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Episode #19 Show Notes:

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Health & Fitness with Rach Robertson