Episode #16 – Merry Christmas… thriving through the silly season


Episode #16 – Merry Christmas… thriving through the silly season

In this final episode for the year we chat all things festive season, share our personal strategies for surviving this crazy time of year, and discuss some practical ways to avoid the overwhelm, to find pockets of slow, and to really soak up the magic and joy that this special time of year can bring. We also chat through shifting towards the gift of experiences for our loved ones and valuing our precious time with family and friends.

Leonie talks about holding on to daily exercise routines as non-negotiable and keeping up meditation practice for a calmer mind, while Christy praises the art of taking the time to stop and have an important conversation – just like our podcast, which has been like medicine for us throughout this year!

Trello gets another mention in this episode, as a practical tool for hiding Christmas gift lists form the kids and Katrina talks about focusing on what’s ‘really’ important when it comes to over committing.

She also encourages us all to take the time for important celebrations and forward plan to ensure there are fewer surprises.

As a wrap-up episode, we’d like to thank everyone for listening to our fortnightly conversations ever since we started the podcast seven months ago – we are almost at 4000 listens, which is very exciting.

We are so very grateful for all your lovely feedback and we can’t wait to bring you more of the same next year.

We’re taking a break for a month from the podcast and will be back in your ears at the end of January with our first interview based conversation for 2019 – which is bound to be a beauty – and we can’t wait to share some amazing stories in our interview series throughout next year.

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Merry Christmas and bye for now,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina


Episode #16 Show Notes ~ What we’re loving:

Christy ~ General information in the media about how to cope with the silly season: stopping to breathe and keeping calm. Also an email from Slow Your Home that helped to explain the decision about which balls are made of glass (the ones you can’t afford to drop) and which ones are made of rubber (that can be dropped and picked up again later) – very timely for this ‘silly’ season.

Leonie ~ essential clutter-free gift guide also from the Slow Your Home , which talked about giving the gift or your time and also focusing on experiences, rather than stuff. Also books and/or subscriptions, including the fabulous Breathe for Teens magazine.

Katrina – loving the hardcopy book and audio book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert for feeding creativity and helping to inspire new projects in 2019, and moving away from New Year’s resolutions, which can often set us up to fail.