Episode #14 – People with Passion


Episode #14 – People with Passion

In this conversation – People with Passion – Christy chats with three passionate people, all uber successful in their field, about the successes and challenges of following their passion.

This pre-recorded conversation was taken from our second Spreading the Good Stuff LIVE event at Junction two years ago, and was also part of the motivation for this podcast!

In the introduction of this live recording Christy discusses the origins of the Spreading the Good Stuff philosophy and concept, the lost art of conversation and also the importance of sharing stories.

Over the past two and half years we have recorded each live conversation event at Junction and have often talked about starting a podcast to share the many nuggets of wisdom and inspiration from each event with a wider audience… and here we are!

In this conversation we were privileged to speak with marathon runner, teacher and passionate community member Brady Threlfall, former journalist, mother, wife and passionate co-owner of Coolabah Turf Suzi Shearer and Logie award winning television and movie producer, director of Werner Productions and mum Joanna Werner.

We hope you enjoy this insightful conversation and be inspired to follow your passion in life – whatever that looks like for you.

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Listen to Episode #14 – People with Passion here.

Note: a reminder that this episode was recorded in front of a live audience at Junction, so there may be some background noise.

Enjoy and thanks for listening, Christy, Katrina and Leonie