Episode #12 – Work and Boundary Setting


Episode #12 – Work and Boundary Setting

In this week’s podcast conversation we shift gears and talk wellness at work, and how to successfully set boundaries. With ‘work’ increasingly creeping into our home lives this was an important conversation to remind us what’s important.

Boundary setting looks different for everyone, depending on your work place, and we discuss that having the confidence to say ‘no’ is key to finding that elusive work/life ‘balance’.

We all struggle to say ‘no’ but have learnt the hard way how taking on too much can negatively impact us and those around us.

Lee delights in setting boundaries to create more time to watch TV, Christy chats about the right to ‘disconnect’ and Katrina has learnt to not say ‘yes’ as her first response. We also talk emails on phones and digital detoxes and the challenges involved. Put simply, setting boundaries is a constant work in progress, but we have discovered that we are ALL accountable.

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Christy, Katrina and Leonie



Episode #12 Show Notes

Katrina thanks her local ‘fitness’ friend Rach Robertson for introducing her to the Real Food Reel podcast.

Christy mentions loving reading traditional magazines for renovation ideas and also using the Trello board for getting organised

Leonie chats about one of our favourite work-related podcasts The Brand Newsroom