Episode #41 – Finding Hope in Uncertain Times


Episode #41 – Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

Recording Episode #41 via Zoom

Welcome to our bonus episode about how we are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic; boy did we need to talk!

Following a week of uncertainty, fear and heightened anxiety as the Coronavirus takes hold of our lives and our community, we felt the need to come together and share how we are coping – or not coping!

As we all adjust to our new ‘normal’ while we greave the loss of lives, jobs, livelihoods and personal freedoms we wanted to share with you what we have all been doing to keep our shit together… most of the time.

Being honest and open about how we are feeling is really important right now, and in this episode we discuss how we all need to find something every day – even the smallest act or task – to keep grounded and find a positive to keep afloat.

In times of challenge it’s so easy to let the little, helpful things slip. But right now we need to find a way forward everyday through small acts of kindness to ourselves and each other.

As always, we have been reaching for the basics that we know help: meditation, movement, eating well and even just taking the time to breathe properly.

We urge you to reach out if you need support, help yourself and help those around you. And, we’d love you to share with us on our socials about how you have been getting through the first week of home isolation

During this chat we shared the things that we are loving and also other things we mentioned in this conversation:

Brene Brown podcast Unlocking Us – this is the one podcast that will help you through this challenging time

Next Generation Wellness – Erin’s Body Reset program and her approach to live and its many challenges

Well Soul Studio in Echuca – virtual yoga classes via Zoom are a Godsend right now

Sally Branson – her business for new mums The Suite Set and her calm and insightful approach to business and life

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Chat soon,

Christy and Leonie, and Katrina