Episode #30 – How Self Care Can Change Your Life


Episode #30 – How Self Care Can Change Your Life

In this episode we share what we all do each and every day towards self care. What is self care? Essentially, it looks differently for everyone and today’s chat is all about what works for us and the noticeable difference when we let them slip – which we all do at times.

We also discuss that if a major challenge, trauma or tragedy struck in your life tomorrow, could we confidently say that we could get through it, thanks to acts of self care?

This is a deeply honest and raw conversation about self-care and how small and daily rituals have impacted our lives in the most profound ways. Making even the smallest acts of self care (aka self love) a daily and non-negotiable habit has been key for all of us and also understanding that it is a journey not a destination.

This episode is jam-packed with personal anecdotes, tips and advice about what we’ve tried and tested and which tools have helped us the most on our self-care journeys.

We also agreed that doing this podcast has been a lovely regular act of self care – making the time to get together and talk about the things that really matter.

Sharing how we approach self care allowed us to reflect on the many benefits and we hope it inspires you to take charge of your own journey of self love.

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We’ll be back in your ears again in a couple of weeks with another fantastic interview.

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Christy and Leonie, and Katrina


Things we mentioned in this podcast:

Kim Morrison – The Gift of Self Love

Sarah Napthali – Buddhism for Mothers

Image thanks to motivation.media