Why great quality Social Media content is so important…

We’ve worked with some amazing local businesses and events these past months to help craft words and strategies for social media campaigns.

As journalists who used to spend our days banging out media releases to all and sundry, we now spend a lot of our content writing hours on social media posts and blogs for the online word – where pretty much everyone is hanging out.

We love crafting words of all varieties and particularly enjoy helping those who are too busy working in their business, or running an event, to plan, schedule and craft content for social media.

Through The Splendid Word social pages, side projects such as #loveEM and Girls Night Out and client pages including The Southern 80, Echuca Moama Tourism and Rich River Rod and Custom Group we love connecting with audiences and sharing stories… it’s what we do best.

We do not claim to be experts in the technical side of social media (the rapid and daily pace of change across social media is too fast for a boutique business such as ours) but we can claim to write killer content that connects and gains traction in the ‘busy’ and overcrowded social space.

We have always believed well-written content that engages and connects our audience is a winner online (and offline for that matter) and it’s awesome that Facebook and Google are now recognising ‘community driven’ content as more important than key words and fancy buttons and graphics.

In announcing additional changes to its pesky algorithm earlier this year, Facebook declared it would focus on content that engages with its audience and creates ‘positive sentiment’ and would push content that sparks conversation and ‘meaningful interactions’ to the top of our news feeds.

Here at the Splendid Word it’s our job to cut through the crap and jargon and write meaningful content that we know your audience will engage with and we know the best place to start is with great quality, helpful and interesting stories.

As qualified ‘storytellers’ we are equipped to help your business extract these stories for your social media channels and we can assist you in a variety of ways – one size does not fit all.

Many of our clients have realised they need to have a social media presence, but have been too busy working in their business to stop and take the time to plan, create and deliver great quality content on a regular basis.

We know from firsthand experience how difficult (and a little overwhelming) it can be to play in the social space, so drop us a line today if you’re keen to start of refine your social media offerings.

See you all over on the socials!



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Image thanks to spiderswatch.com.