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Enquiries for website words, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and blogs are keeping us busy so far in 2014.

Since our inception in early 2011 we have whipped up website words for countless local businesses and crafted a number of communications strategies – an organised and professional plan for regular posts, feeds and blogs to share interesting and relevant client-based information.

We’ve all seen a Facebook post where little thought or preparation has gone into creating the right words or the relevance of its content – it’s not pretty.

‘Content is king’ and here at The Splendid Word we place much importance on the right words needed to market your business.

Also, there’s no point in having a fantastic website with loads of bells and whistles if you don’t have clear and concise content to tell the world exactly what you do and how good you are at doing it!

The same can also be said for the images and graphics you use on your website or Facebook post.  It is so important to consider the exact image you want to portray and how it will be delivered.

It’s also worth considering that the ‘tone and feel’ of your website – depicted through your words, images and graphics – might just be the only impression prospective clients will see of you… so it better be great.

For a few examples of clients we’ve helped along the way check out our Splendid Lookbook or visit our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram profile via our links.

We can also lead the way, with the help of Neil Greaves and his team at Vast Domains, to develop a quick and easy solution to link your website with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to save double handling.

Browse our website today for a look-see or drop us a line on 0409 239 577.

Christy and Leonie