We Love Good Storytelling

Photo courtesy of The Age

As storytellers we come across tales of brilliance, success and achievement every day.

Every now and then though, we are struck by the motivation and selfless dedication some individuals display in their relentless pursuit to make the world a better place.

These are the stories that stay with us and make our job much more than just reporting on the facts – it becomes a privilege.

One such story involves young Shepparton man, Lyndon Galea, who noticed something in his home town that wasn’t quite right and decided to take some action.

We came across Lyndon’s inspiring story while writing a media release for one of our biggest clients, Goulburn Ovens Tafe (GOTAFE), whose stories we share on a regular basis. https://gotafe.com.au.

Two years ago Lyndon became aware that too many children in the Shepparton area faced a day at school without breakfast or lunch. What started as a couple of mates making sandwiches from home has turned into a full production line of school-based snacks and lunches.

All produce is provided by local surplus-food charities and prepared by hospitality students at GOTAFE. The program, known as Eat Up, is now providing much-needed food for school children across Shepparton, Bendigo and Melbourne – with plans for a nation-wide roll out.

So this week’s #spreadingthegoodstuff shout-out is dedicated to Lyndon Galea and GOTAFE for opening our eyes to the amazing people and their life-changing programs that exist in our very own back yard.

Check out the links to the Shepparton News and The Age to find out more about Eat Up and make sure you help spread the word.



Christy – lover of good storytelling