Tuning into some ‘good stuff’

Spreading The Good Stuff



Can you believe we’re almost through March?

It’s been a busy start to the year for us, finishing off some large social media and event projects and opening doors to new and exciting content writing challenges for the year ahead.

In between our weekly content creation tasks for social media business pages, websites, marketing and communications plans, and brochures, we have found small pockets of time to pursue our passion project – Spreading the Good Stuff podcast.

Have you had a chance to tune into our podcast yet? It’s been full of so much good stuff!

We started the podcast early in 2018 with Katrina Myers from Barham Avocados, who was our first ever guest on the couch at Spreading the Good Stuff (STGS) live conversation series at Junction, Moama.

So far this year we’ve dropped five episodes, which you can find here, and the conversation has flowed from tackling goals for the new year, how to achieve health and fitness ‘your’ way, to a profound and moving discussion around grief.

Our most recent Episode #21, was a pre-recorded conversation from our sixth live episode of STGS with Shari Gotch and Tracey Farrell in November last year and is one you don’t want to miss.

There was not a dry eye in the house and we will be forever grateful to Shari and Tracey for opening their hearts to share what grief can look like and the many challenges of wading through it.

This emotional conversation explored the complexities, the misconceptions and the mystery of grief and touched on how we can do it better – as individuals, as friends and family members, and as a community.
We only scratched the surface on this topic, but know it was the start of many brave and much-needed conversations since, and have no doubt it will become a helpful tool for many to continue to listen, learn and share when it comes to living with grief.

More than 6000 people have now downloaded our podcast conversations, and since making it to our 20th episode last month we have been buoyed to continue to share the successes and challenges of achieving wellness in our often ‘busy’ and overwhelming lives, where caring for ourselves is sometimes the very last item on our ‘to-do’ list.

Self care has been a common theme so far this year and Episode #19, featuring Koondrook based fitness guru Rach Robertson in conversation with Katrina, discussed the importance of regular exercise for our wellbeing, and the important tip that one size does not fit all.

Our follow-up conversation in Episode #20 discussed how we all choose to keep physically and emotionally in shape and how to resist the urge of comparison when it comes to setting our personal fitness goals – which is not an easy task.

Episode #17, which dropped in mid January, was a fabulous conversation (one of our most popular to date) with Leonie’s sister Erin Barnes, who runs a wellness business Next Generation Wellness on the Sunshine Coast. The girls discussed how and why we often set ourselves up to fail when it comes to setting unrealistic goals and encouraged us to take the time to recalibrate and be gentle with ourselves.

Erin is a passionate physical, emotional and behavioural expert and this conversation discussed society’s obsession with resolutions and why we typically fall short on them. It explored an alternative strategy for a better way to achieve overall wellbeing and life success goals in the year ahead and we know you’ll gain plenty from this conversation.

In the following Episode #18 we unpacked our own experiences of intention setting, dreaming big, doing the work, letting go and rejecting the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, choosing action over perfection and decluttering. This was a BIG conversation and one we all benefited from, thanks to Erin.

We love delivering these fortnightly conversations to our growing audience and are extremely grateful to all those tuning in on a regular basis. This podcast is a real gift and we often comment it’s like a therapy session for the three of us to regularly set aside time to talk about the ‘big’ and important things in our lives.

If you’re keen to tune in to any one of our 21 conversations so far, subscribe via Whooshkaa, on iTunes or on your favourite podcast app. We also love hearing heart-warming feedback from our listeners and also suggestions for future conversations.

We have only just scratched the surface when it comes to the subject of women and wellness in work, family and community and we have so many stories to share with insights and advice from incredible individuals from across our regional communities who can help empower us all to live our best life.

Thanks for tuning in and helping us to Spread the Good Stuff!