Episode 66 – The life juggle – is balance a myth?

In this, our 66th episode of series 2, we talk about the challenge of finding balance. What does it look like, or does it even exist!

Firstly, thank you for all the wonderful feedback we received from our last conversation on friendship – it was so lovely to hear all your thoughts and feelings on this topic.

So, balance: is it a myth, is it worth searching for or in the striving for it, are we reminded to slow down every once in a while.

In this insightful chat, we talk about recalibration, as opposed to the never-ending search to find ‘balance’. It’s important to understand that balance looks different for everyone, and that in many cases it’s an ‘inside job’, to have a good hard look at what you’re doing (or not doing).

We also talk about how courage and bravery is what is needed now, for us all to open up when we feel out of balance and have some big, important conversations with work colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Show Notes:

Firstly, Christy talks about finding balance in far away places after just completing a 3-day hike in the Tasmanian wilderness (how lucky!) and also carving out some time in each and every week for hobbies and things can can calm your mind and help you switch from the daily grind. Christy believes in recalibrating rather than balance and reviewing what we actually ‘really need’ in life.

Leonie talks about the importance of recognising when we are not in balance and then reaching for the tools that support us, while Katrina discusses the devil that is comparison and being honest about when things are not ‘in balance’ and life can resemble a bit of a shit-show. We discuss sharing these times with each other and on Instagram and also celebrating women doing amazing things while still being honest about how hard things can be when we are ‘out of balance’.

We go down a little bit of a rabbit hole about doing the work to find balance (and calm) and we discuss how once we know better (aka a better way to live every day) then we (mostly) do better. And, do remind each other to do the things that make us feel better – the yoga, the time in nature, the podcasts, meditation and mindfulness – and that’s what we are here for!

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Love Christy, Katrina and Leonie


Important mentions in this episodes:

Christy ~ On her podcast/newsletter The Tortoise Brook McAlary talks about leaning into the things that help us to recalibrate – find it here. High Grade Living book by The Broad Place. Christy was also banging on about the Tasmanian Walking Company and their trip to Bay of Fires.

Katrina ~ Sarah Wilson interviews Marcus Buckingham about tilting – find it here. Tapping back into rituals and routines, including getting to things like her new local gym – hooray for Rach at Form Athletic in Koondrook. And also attending The Huddle by Jumbled recently in Orange.

Leonie ~ Erin Barnes (Lee’s sister) Whole Life Success Planner journalling on a daily basis – find out more here. Lee also talks about a podcast chat on The Imperfects with Emma Murray, a high performance mindfulness coach, her incredible life journey and work that she does.