Spreading the Good Stuff in Deni!

There was an abundance of positivity at a recent Regional Women of Influence panel in Deniliquin, as part of the annual Elders Riverina Sheep Expo, hosted by our very own Spreading the Good Stuff podcast partner Katrina Myers.

Despite current drought conditions and tough times faced by many across the agricultural industry, particularly in NSW and QLD, the three-woman panel discussed opportunities for each and every woman in the room to embrace their power to positively influence others.

“We are all people of influence,” insisted Katrina, who as MC was joined by two notable women of influence: Airlie Trescowthick and Robbie Sefton.

“Everything comes down to mindset – wherever you are, and whatever you are doing,” Katrina said.

“Life is 10% about what happens to you, and 90% how your respond… there are so many opportunities in regional communities.

“Regional communities offer a unique sense of belonging and the challenges encourage you to adopt a growth mindset,” she said.

Despite the troubling prospect of drought and tough times ahead, Katrina and her husband Tim made a conscious decision to move to a regional community and embrace country life on their avocado and cropping farm in Barham.

Managing Director of national marketing communications company Seftons, farmer and 2015 Westpac Woman of Influence (among many other things) Robbie Sefton encouraged the women gathered in Denilquin’s Peppin Heritage Centre to “believe that you can have a crack at anything”.

Robbie, who grew up in Deniliquin, credits her ‘bush’ upbringing for her ability to connect with community.

“It never leaves you – the no ‘bullshit’ approach and the connectedness of country,” she said.

Self-belief and shaping your own destiny were some of the themes discussed, and Robbie encouraged all to “lose the losers and surround yourself with positive people” – Amen to that!


Founder of Farm Table and entrepreneurial producer and innovator Airlie Trescowthick applauded the importance placed on regional and rural ‘values’.

When discussing the many challenges faced by regional women including financial confidence and harnessing knowledge, Arlie spruiked about the benefits of collaboration in regional communities and fostering a ‘shared vision’.

“Knowledge and knowing how farms work is power,” Arlie said.

“You have to know why you are doing something … it’s about exchanging ideas and a positive mindset,” she said.

Farm Table is a national online communications platform, aimed at pooling industry knowledge, connecting individuals and making farmers feel at home ‘online’.

“Agriculture is a knowledge-based economy and exchanging ideas and creating a network for farmers is so important,” Arlie said.


Communication, networking, self care and looking out for each other were clear messages from all three women, who have undoubtedly harnessed the power to influence those in their own patch and beyond.

However, Katrina reminded us that “we are all women of great influence” and have the power to do amazing things in our regional communities.

Drought and tough times certainly throw up many challenges for regional communities, however Katrina, Robbie and Arlie all share a common vision as farmers and women of influence to remain positive, practise a little self care and share both the joy and challenges of life on the land.

Thanks ladies for showing us how to ‘spread the good stuff’.

Thank you also to the organisers of this fabulous event… the scones were amazing!