Spreading the Good Stuff for the biz awards… we’re a finalist once again!

We’re a little excited this week to be spreading the good stuff for the announcement of the 2017 GMCU Allianz Campaspe Murray Business Awards finalists because we’ve been recognised in the Home-based Business category!

Yay for us!

To the person who nominated us, we thank you very much for taking the time to do so.

Four years ago we were nominated and named a finalist in the Best New Business category, which was a great experience for our fledgling business, and although we didn’t win it was pretty exciting to be given a special mention at the awards ceremony.

Following our special mention in 2013, for the uniqueness of our business and our ability to run a professional and specialist consultancy from home and based around our families, it was announced a new ‘home-based’ category would be established for the awards to recognise a growing number of businesses choosing to work from home.

This was pretty much like winning for us as it recognised what we were trying to achieve and also acknowledged many similar and like-minded businesses popping up in our community.

Home-based businesses make up a significant portion of the small business sector and it’s fabulous to see the corporate community recognising this fact and embracing the skill, talent and professionalism of individuals who chose to work from home.

Establishing a home-based business can be a relatively lonely journey and can take courage, confidence and determination to follow your dreams, throw in your day job and set up a small business enterprise without the guarantee of regular work, income or guidance from management – you’re pretty much on your own!

We established The Splendid Word in search of an elusive work/life balance after starting a family and still wanting to get paid for writing people’s stories – in a non-traditional fashion.

Juggling family life and a home-based business has been tough at times, but we’ve leaned on each other, sought help when we needed to, and for us the benefits still far outweigh the drawbacks.

We originally set out to achieve gradual, sustainable growth and have grown every year since we started more than six years ago – without going broke or losing our sanity in the process – thanks to hard work and a core group of a loyal clients.

We can’t wait to be involved in the awards process once again and bravo to the Campaspe Shire and Murray River Council for hosting every two years. It’s a huge undertaking and one that provides any business or organisation the opportunity to be recognised for the good work they do.

Good luck to all finalists, particularly our home-based collective, and we look forward to seeing you all at the awards ceremony on October 11.

Maybe this year we’ll be third time lucky?

Christy and Lee


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