Spreading the Good Stuff for libraries…

Here at The Splendid Word we love anything to do with reading, writing and words and it’s no secret we adore libraries.

So this week we are Spreading the Good Stuff for libraries and National Library and Information Week.

In my research for this blog I have been thinking about the following:

Firstly, how often do we visit our local library? And, how much value do we place on the importance of a library in our community?

Also, do we see libraries as having a promising future, considering the technologically driven and digital online world we now live in? And do people still read books… let alone borrow them from a library?

Many would argue that libraries are no longer relevant and will soon be a thing of the past, however the statistics tell us a different story.

In 2014-15 Australian Public Library national statistics identified an increase in the number of libraries to 1,631 from 1,530 in 2013-14 with 114 million visitors in 2014-15, up from 112 million in the previous 12 months.

This is a wonderful trend and one worth celebrating, considering the plethora of alternate online entertainment offerings these days.


There is little doubt though that the modern library has had to evolve to stay relevant by offering hub spots for free computer access and common meeting places for ideas and community campaigns.

A 2015 piece in The Conversation academic journal explained how libraries in the US are becoming ‘ideas labs’ where students meet to explore and learn new technologies.

Libraries across the world are also taking a lead in connecting people and supporting the disadvantaged.

The Brooklyn Public Library provides ‘pop-up’ libraries for homeless people and also opportunities for children to read books with parents who are incarcerated.

Closer to home, libraries in Melbourne offer regular writing workshops, even music recording studio sessions, social media and technical device training and importantly, a social meeting place for the wider community.

You might of heard about the Melbourne based library program offering a ‘meet and chat’ session for complete strangers, aimed at breaking down social barriers and reclaiming the importance of having a face-to-face ‘conversation’ – often referred to as dangerously rare in our modern, screen-based online world.

The Campaspe Regional Library, situated in one of Echuca Moama’s most picturesque locations at the stunning Aquatic Reserve, offers what has to be the best river view from a public library in the state, as well as an abundance of programs and workshops for all ages. Ranging from traditional Book Clubs and Storytime and Lego Club for children to Tech Time sessions for older adults, author visits and book launches, there’s something for everyone.

During this year’s Library Week from May 21-28 the Campaspe Library is celebrating in style with a full program of activities. My pick would be the Culinary Book Club for all things food related and also the Sunday Session talk on how to improve your health.


So if you haven’t yet made plans for the weekend, pencil in a visit to your local library where you’ll be surprised about what’s on offer. You might even borrow a book to read!

For more information about Campaspe Regional Library activities visit the Facebook page or website today and feel free to share your library experience across social media to share the love for our libraries.

Christy xo