Spreading The Good Cheer For Home Based Businesses


Once again it’s time to spread a little love and this week’s‪ #‎spreadingthegoodstuff‬ praise is twofold.

Two years ago we were nominated for the Campaspe Murray Business Awards and were lucky enough to find ourselves a finalist in the trade category.

This was a thrilling experience for us as we were newly established – still finding our feet – and the awards exposed our business to the wider community for the very first time.

Bravo to the Campaspe and Murray Shires for hosting these wonderful awards every two years. It’s a huge undertaking, and one that provides any business or organisation across our twin towns the opportunity to fly their flag and be recognised for excellence.

For us the experience was a watershed moment where we were able to reflect on what we’d achieved to date as well as identify a clear vision for our business.

We didn’t win our category but received a highly commended ‘special mention’ for the uniqueness of our business and our ability to run a professional and specialist consultancy from our homes – based around our families.

Following our special acknowledgment it was announced a new ‘home-based’ category would be established for the awards to recognise the growing number of businesses choosing to setup and work from home.

Home-based businesses now make up a significant portion of the small business sector and it’s fabulous to see the business community recognising this fact.

So our second shout-out this week goes to those who’ve made the decision to follow their dreams and set up their small business enterprise from home.

We established The Splendid Word to find that elusive work/life balance after starting a family and ensure we could continue the job we loved – writing people’s stories.

Juggling family life and a home-based business can be tough at times but for us the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

And too many people spend too many hours doing something that doesn’t tick enough boxes to fulfill financial, creative or career-based goals. Life is too short!

We originally set out to achieve gradual, sustainable growth and have grown every year since we started four years ago – without going broke or losing our sanity in the process.

We’re thrilled to announce we are again a finalist in this year’s GMCU Allianz Campaspe Murray Business Awards – in the home-based category – and can’t wait to attend the ceremony in October.

It’ll be another opportunity to expose our unique business and help spread the good stuff about the long list of businesses and organisations doing amazing things in Echuca Moama.

Wish us luck,

Christy xo