Spreading the good stuff for loveEM…


In 2012 a group of friends embarked on a mission to spread the love for Echuca Moama (EM) using stunning imagery and the art of storytelling. We were part of this collective of five passionate ladies who shared a love for their town, good times, long summers, a few wines and anything and everything that resonated with a positive vibe for EM.

Four years on we’ve barely scratched the surface of the many and varied things we (and others) love about our town and we’re confident we’ll never run out of fabulous fodder for our loveEM Facebook page.

The loveEM page, with more than 950 likes and 450 followers over on Instagram, has been our platform to share what we love about EM and it’s also our ticket to creativity and writing about the good stuff.

There can be a bit of negative talk on social media and yes, if you look hard enough you will always find something to complain about. For us loveEM is a platform to use words for good and share the positive vibe of enthusiasm and passion – it’s what we love to do.
Our hope for loveEM was that others would share our love and enthusiasm for our awesome riverside location and we’ve been thrilled with the response and positiveness we’ve received. We originally had plans to launch a website, publish a book and maybe some groovy postcards (which we would still love to do) but work and life has taken priority. Nevertheless loveEM has a particular way of pulling us away from the busyness of life to wonder in awe at what surrounds us everyday.

Just this week, one of our founding members Suz Shearer stopped to snap the Pride of the Murray cruising up the swollen Campaspe River. This was an incredible moment and the loveEM community loved it. These are exactly the moments that loveEM was created for. Those involved with this wonderful collective would agree one of the ultimate spin-offs is that it allows everyone to pause, take a breath and realise we live in a bloody amazing part of the world.

Here’s to loveEM and may she continue to spread the good stuff for Echuca Moama.

Christy xo

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